The Adedis Business Club

A dynamic Business Club


On June 15th 2016, several business executives came together to create the Adedis Club. The Grand Chalon gave its support to this initiative, in order to help all entrepreneurs creating strong links and partnerships.

One Tuesday per month, the club members casually gather to share their views on a particular topic.


The board members :


Mr Philippe BIERRYPrésident
VERTECH –  http://www.vertech.fr

Mr Gilles BENNARDOVice-Président
AMCOR – https://www.amcor.com

Mrs Christelle LOTZTreasurer
LEGENDES GOURMANDES – https://www.legendes-gourmandes.com

Mr Christophe MICHAUDETSecretary
FLUIDEXPERT INICIA – http://fluidexpert.fr/le-groupe-inicia/

Mr Jean-Etienne PATERNETSecretary
MOULES ET OUTILLAGES DE BOURGOGNE – http://www.moules-outillages-bourgogne.com/fr/


Pour toute question ou demande de renseignement vous pouvez contacter la plateforme développement économique du Grand Chalon au :

03 85 90 50 00