4 competitive local economic sectors

Employment area

The territory can rely on :

  • Highly skilled and productive workforce
  • Well-established economic activities (transport/logistics, plastics processing, metal and glass industries, call centres)

To each company willing to set up in the Grand Chalon, the French Job Agency (“Pôle Emploi”) also provides full support.

Transport /Logistics and e-commerce

  • 150 companies in the Grand Chalon, including Rhenus logisctics /Zooplus and Amazon
  • More than 5 000 workers
  • 300 students trained every year in industrial logistics jobs
  • 34 millions of consumers can be delivered within 12 hours
  • 22 hectares available on SaoneOr (north of Chalon-sur-Saône). 140 000 square metres of buildings used for logistical activities at the Distripole (south of Chalon-sur-Saône)
  • Aproport, a multimodal hub (water / rail /road) on the 5th largest inland port in France




Machine and metal industries

An innovation potential with :

  • The Laser and Metal treatment Research Lab (affiliated to the University of Burgundy)
  • Welience’s plastics processing pole (Welience is a subsidiary of SATT Grand Est, involved in a research partnership with the ‘Grand Campus Bourguignon’)

Nuclearvalley, a civil nuclear power competitive hub.

An iconic and competitive business fabric :

  • more than 60 companies
  • gathering 3 100 workers

Non-destructive testing : Ascot, Metalscan (Tecnatom, Luziesa), Exceldef, M2M, Vinçotte, ABC (GIE Horus), Intercontrole

Metal and boilermaking products : Framatome, Alfa Laval, Amcor, Saint-Gobain

Machine tools: Pinette Emidecau Industrie, Escofier…

  • A highly skilled workforce, with strong industrial culture : multiple training centres linked to the Union for the Metallurgical Industry (UIMM), and closely connected to the local companies.

Our tools and assets to boost your innovation :

  • The CETIC, a worldwide unique training and experimentation centre in the area of civil nuclear technology
  • The CAVE, a state-of-the-art virtual immersion room owned by “L’Institut Image” (affiliated to Arts & Métiers Paris Tech)




Image and digital engineering


Research labs :

  • LE2I (Arts & Métiers Paris Tech)
  • « L’Institut Image », accredited as a “Carnot Arts “Institute

An outstanding concentration of leading companies :

  • On Situ, VideoForEver, Arcom, Vibrafloor, Karenita, Formation Conseil Sécurité, Constance Production…

Advanced facilities and cutting-edge equipment

  • Virtual immersion devices
  • A media room equipped with 3D and virtual reality devices
  • Motion tracking device, 5.1 audio post-production studio
  • Film editing and colour grading equipment
  • A FabLab
  • A studio and an auditorium at the Grand Chalon Conservatory

The Grand Chalon is a member of the IoT & Manufacturing French Tech thematic network, thanks to Nicéphore Cité, a business-orientated image and digital engineering resource centre.

Top-flight, unique in France university courses :

  • Digital arts (The “Ecole Media Art”)
  • Digital engineering and virtual reality (Arts & Métiers Paris Tech)
  • Film and sound recording professions (Grand Chalon Conservatory, Chalon-sur-Saône Universitary and Technical Institute)

Numerous dedicated events :

  • Co-next Days : B to B meetings to highlight the innovative side of the Grand Chalon, through concrete demonstrations offered to business leaders engaged in a digital transition of their activities
  • Entrepreneurship Masterclasses
  • Technological conferences
  • Innovation meetups.

The opening of the City of Digital Engineering is planned for 2021.

Initiated by the Grand Chalon, the City of Digital Engineering will open at the heart of the Saint-Cosme neighbourhood, currently subject to a major transformation plan.

In the 2 600 square metres building, the engineers of the Institut Image (Arts & Métiers Paris Tech) and Nicéphore Cité’s team will be able to provide local businesses with the most accurate expertise and the most recent digital engineering solutions.

The City of Digital Engineering will actually welcome cutting edge technological tools such as the CAVE, a unique in Burgundy, state-of-the-art virtual immersion device.

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